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a vision of CONSCIOUSness, commUNITY, and oneLOVE



m o t o r c y c l e t r i B E


Unpredict Your Journey

qUest is a vision. A vision is ever evolving.

Thank you for joining our trip into CONSCIOUSness, by way of our motorcycle adventures.

Stick around!  We will introduce you to the Badasses of the planet through a documentary series highlighting those with big intentions of serving the planet and its residents ... aKa, THE REBELutionaries of our time.  

Find out how you can get involved !  Details below.


To Get Lost Is To Learn The Way

The qUest is to live soul-centrically vs. ego-centrically.  Choose love and keep joy.  Let getting lost be the adventure.

Life is about finding your triBE along the way.  Spreading comPASSION and CONSCIOUSness with grace and poise. Learn from each other and teach each other while using words that lift the spirit.

Share motHER earth with all her inhabitants and make a difference with every step you take along the way.

 Who do you Jive with? 


Consciousness Over Convenience

This is a qUest mantra.  Today we are faced with divergent paths; CONSCIOUSness is a journey inward.  

Will we take the road that adheres to social norms, that fits into the mainstream lifestyle of consumption and convenience? Or choose the road less traveled by living with intention in all we do?    

Let's be responsible and kind to each other and our host - our "G" - our MAMA ... motHER earth; and leave her better than we found her.

 Let's be better humans and connect along the way.

 Are you triBE?  


qUest is currently seeking today’s REBELUTIONARIES


WE are on a QUEST to find YOU!

a qUest cALLed triBE, M.T. is on a qUest to meet “Rad Humans” for our ongoing documentary series:

  • Are you Someone committed to saving our Planet?

  • Are you an Organic Farmer helping to rebuild precious farmland?

  • Are you Someone that generates awareness for veterans?

  • Are you an advocate for animals?

  • Are you creating Transformative Art? 

  • Are you helping to keep wildspaces and wildlife protected?

  • Are you providing protective services for those in need?

  • When you put on your superhero cape… What do YOU do?


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