innovation for WELLness

Janabai has been a trendsetter in the sustainable food movement and natural product sector for 20+ years.  

As a chef, author, restaurateur, culinary nutrition expert and educator, cleanse coach, natural products entrepreneur, consultant, researcher and mother; she has been a leading expert in the fields with multi-media communication to a wide and varied audience.

motHER and groundbreakHER

Featured in major publications and broadcasts around the world for her green business ethos, cookbooks and conscious parenting, she is a rare combination of old world knowledge within a modern framework.  

As a mother of two beautiful boys, she believes the time is now for the world to mature and focus on stewardship of its resources and unity for all people. Janabai is committed to a new paradigm of love and understanding and truly "walks the walk" while leaving a path for others to join her in a better world.  

love AND truth

Janabai is truly a wise woman for the modern age. One part truth-teller, one part healer, 100% love and a good dose of street smarts, she uses her experiences in wellness, communication facilitation and branding to build powerful messages to change the world. As part of the wolfpack, she provides a grounded anchor for our vision and our story-telling.  

toDAY, tomorrow, and ALLways

Janabai now works as a brand strategist and content developer for startups in the wellness space; helping entrepreneurs to find their authentic voices and messages that are right for the planet today.     

To connect with this formidable woman, you can find her on Instagram @janabaiowens