qUest corporate aka Loverbutt

In addition to providing legal and business management support to qUest, Kim manages and directs a cargo claims company called Interclaims (International Claims Adjusters, Inc.), which excels in the administration of domestic and international claims for freight forwarders.

Kim also owns and manages KCH Creatives: a website design company that provides IT support for websites, domains, email, and analytics. In addition, she also helps people with business management and trademarking support.

f*ck cancer

Kim was diagnosed with a very rare liver cancer when she was 16 years old. After receiving two liver transplants and given only 90 days to live, her outlook on life made a drastic shift towards living authentically. Since kicking cancer's ass, she has dedicated her energy to helping and saving animals as well as advocating for strong women in business. 

animALL lives matter

Loving and treating animals with compassion goes beyond just leaving them off of your plate. Advocacy and health go hand in hand. Kim chooses to lead a vegan lifestyle because it benefits her health as well as the planet. Because of Kim's immunosuppressant medications, it is imperative for her to keep stress and inflammation out of her body. Leaving dairy and meat protein out of her diet accomplishes that, as well as honoring her choice to treat all animals equally. Since going vegan, Kim has been able to extinguish three liver medications and is no longer on the list to receive a third transplant! Through learning how to take care of herself, she has introduced additional health conscious choices along the way. All of which help her live a balanced and health-centered life. 

dream BIG

Kim bought her first bike, a 2012 Triumph Bonneville SE, in 2014 and started riding religiously as soon as her feet hit the pegs. Now, on her 2018 Triumph Bobber, she has become more in love with feeling the wind in her face. Riding provides her with a sense of freedom and strength that is hard to come by anywhere else. Through riding she has found a deeper meaning to her life and a connection to a wonderful community of other women riders. 

"Being on a motorcycle, surrounded by amazing women, has brought a sense of balance and self-worth that I didn't know I was lacking. I love the community that riding brings and hope to spread the same joy that I feel to others in need." ~ Kim. 

In addition to riding, Kim is also in the process of writing and publishing her first novel, as well as starting her own non-profit animal sanctuary called Run Wild Ranch Sanctuary for wild mustangs bound for slaughter.  

To stay in contact with this incredible woman, follow her on instagram or email direct at

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