triBE chief

Tana Roller is the creative and altruistic force behind a qUest cALLed triBE, M.T.

Having spent 20+ years dedicated to helping others bring their creative visions to life through the Film and Television Industry, Tana decided it was time to dare bravely into her own visions.  To dig deep into what her life purpose is and create a space for herself there to live with intention in all she does.


Combining her roots of growing up on motorcycles with her passionate commitment to consciousness as a vehicle for personal growth and an ounce of film industry tricks, she proudly presents a qUest cALLed triBE, M.T. to the world.

“I decided to be a participant in creating my best life.  I dared some Jive Turkeys to dream their best life alongside me and now we are a Wolfpack of Wild Gypsies, on a qUest to find the “baddest humans on the planet”  aKa, today’s revolutionaries, to introduce to you as triBE.  Because, isn’t life a never ending qUest to find your triBE? “

Stay tuned for some high vibration global adventures!