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DrumAddict ~ Music Whisperer ~

"Love is the Answer...Follow your own heART,  Live in the Moment,  Take your time & search your Quest. It will lead you to your Tribe. It will resonate in ways you know only deep inside...... exist". ~Yaél

EVERYthing... so far... gets us to Today.

Born in Tel Aviv, raised in NYC, Yaél first started her qUest behind her drum set, self taught, starting with gigs, on a path less traveled, winding up touring the world.  

Building one endorsement at a time through her craft. Ranging styles & sharing stages with legendary artists from Nile Rogers, Bootsy and Fishbone to Black Sabbath, Faith No More, and Guns & Roses.

From the smallest clubs across USA to the Download Festival in Castle Donnington and performing at Soccer Stadiums in Bulgaria. 

Lots of Bucket list spots were checked off but it took over two decades since the pizza delivery kid in high school "daze".  

Featured  on VH1, Palladia,  DC Live, DrumChannel,  "Break Open Yer Head"  

Modern Drummer Magazine, Paper Magazine, Cover of LA Weekly, Mix 

Cover of The Black Page Magazine

DrumHead Magazine 

Variety Magazine

She has a degree in Audio Engineering, interned at Powerstation while in high school and assisted producers with recalls at Unique, Times Square NYC. Yaél followed her calling and Love of drumming, relocating to Los Angeles. The  "Drummer job"  earned extra pages in her Passport as her footprints landed more than once in London, Europe, UK, Israel, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey, Prague, Greece, Austria etc. 

If you call ONE Wolf, You invite the Pack

Organically this lifestyle shifted into creating a unique record & film project with her closest friends & colleagues.  "The Love Project Journey"  was born and took nearly 5 years to complete. Yaél wore all the hats here. Her project launched selling out the Grammy Museum, shown at the Clive Davis theater followed by a live interview, press, meet & greet and live performance. The documentary was successfully selected into 6 film festivals - SXSW, Cannes, LA NewfilmMakers Festival, Atlantic City and Buffalo Film Fests. A labor of Love.   (The Love Project EP & DVD)

SOUL Searched.....SOUL Found

Yaél has traveled around USA & Greece on the back of her husband's bike, until recently she decided to sit in her own seat on a MotoGuzzi (although riding with her guy is still pretty epic). She started helping his business booking Motorcycle tours through the back roads of Greece after he lead her into the undeniable experience of Motorcycling through Nature. There is no turning back now. MotoTribe ADDict -www.greek-adventures.com 

 She engages deeply with humans, has a pure love for Meditation, Motorcycles, Dinner Club, Nature, Snowboarding, Travel,  Road trips, Yoga, the Ocean, Hiking, Sound baths, Moonwalks, and continuously open to New Adventures.  

 "Meeting humans all over the world and seeing how they live, or sometimes getting the opportunity to stay a while expands your mind like nothing else. Above all...it’s a process. We are a work in progress if we keep moving forward. Love your tribe Hard & Guide each other to Grow and learn in this little lifetime, Love your fellow human & animals. Be like Water. Respect Genuinely. Throttle safely... and try not to be an Ass." 

To stay connected with this amazing soul, you can find her at @drumadkt on instagram or drumaddict324@gmail.com

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